Saturday, December 21, 2013

My top app of 2013 is… Dispatch, an email app for iPhone

I’m not writing any kind of app roundup for the year for TNW, but I do want to say something about my favorite app of 2013, simply because it’s become an integral part of my workflow. It’s Dispatch, an email app for iPhone that launched in June 2013.

I was relatively late to the Dispatch party (I think Smitty hooked me up), but it’s essentially a more polished and feature-rich version of Mailbox — the email app that exploded this year and was bought by Dropbox.


Like Tweetbot, another app I swear by, Dispatch isn’t free, but the $4.99 price tag is justified because it syncs over with 20 services — including Evernote and Text Expander — and is so slick that it’s actually a joy to use.

I’m a fan because its swipe gestures let me delete mails quickly (alas, an important part of my job), sort mail into a folder of my choice (‘followup’), or mark as spam. It also plays nicely with Gmail, supporting folders and starring.

For an example of the interface, here’s how it handles spam:


Added to that, the app is made by two indie developers AND they are based in Asia. If you don’t have it yet, you should seriously consider it — take my word for it.

Note: There’s no iPad version…yet.

➤ Dispatch for iOS |

Fwiw: Tweetbot 3 and Spotify are probably my runners up, based on daily usage.